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Ultrium LTO 5: Why Every Company Needs LTO Tape Storage

The fifth generation Ultrium LTO 5 tape is one of most recent entrants into the computer data storage scene, following the continued success of this data storage media as seen in the preceding LTO versions. Millions of such computer tape cartridges have been produced and acquired by both organizations and individuals since their inception. Even so, this trend is set to continue on, further cementing the utility of this data storage media.

How Well Will LTO Tapes Cope In Future?

When considering the most suitable option for data storage, every firm must consider how well a particular storage media would cope in face of new and emerging trends. You definitely don’t want to be stuck with a device that becomes completely useless after just 5 or 10 years.

So, what new emerging trends are we likely to face? Well, for starters, a survey by the International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that as much as 40 billion terabytes (zettabytes) of data would have been accumulated by the year 2020. That’s definitely set to be an astoundingly massive increase within just 8 years, considering that the year 2012 had only a mere 3 terabytes of accumulated data.

Considering just how fast data is accumulating, it has become ever more important for companies and individuals to invest in the most viable data storage options. Without a doubt, nearly every company is keen on increasing its data storage and backup capacity in order to face the growing challenge. Ultrium LTO cartridges provide one of the most effective options, if not the best option, for data storage and backup.

How LTO Tapes Can Handle Different Categories Of Stored Data

Even as you consider effective storage of data, you must know exactly how to manage different forms of stored data. You need to know whether the storage media you opt for would properly handle the particular type of data you have:

1. Operational Data: This is a category that consists of data that’s often worked on daily. Hence, you need to have a system that affords quick and easy access, while maintaining minimal operating costs. Moreover, the storage media in use should be able to handle the constant use without undue deterioration.

2. Legacy Data: such a category involves data that’s not often accessed.

3. Critical Data: For any enterprise, this is the most critical data upon which the business survival depends. When considering the most appropriate media for storage in this category, the aspects of safety and security play a crucial role. Also having proper disposal mechanisms when the data is no longer useful is necessary.

In serving the varied functions of storing up different forms of data, LTO tapes offer a multitude of benefits. Considering the aspect of security, offline data storage is made possible using tape cartridges; hence, making them immune to software corruption by hackers and viruses, or even human error. Such tapes also have a very long shelf-life, lasting for as long as 30 years without undue deterioration. Based on these factors, you can clearly see why LTO tapes are such an indispensable media for every company.