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LTO-7: Why More Businesses Are Keeping More Data For Longer

The advancement of LTO Ultrium tapes, as seen in the new higher performance, higher capacity LTO-7 tapes, isn’t just merely an effort to maintain a competitive advantage over other storage media. Greater innovation in data storage capacities and performance is based on the present reality; whereby businesses are storing more and more data for much longer than ever before.

In order to understand how well to cater to such a trend, it’s necessary that you understand just why this trend is taking place in the first place. Through the knowledge of why businesses keep more data for longer, it’s possible to design storage systems that offer the best possible convenience and deliver the expected results:

1. A simple reason why businesses currently have more data to store than in the past is because there are so much more sources from which businesses can derive this data. Currently, there are so many digital resources that businesses have to contend with and varied online platforms that can generate tons of information. It’s vital that organizations develop solid strategies to handle the huge flow of data so that they don’t get overwhelmed with it.

2. The reason why modern organizations would find it hard to let go of their precious data is because they have discovered significant value on this data. Obviously, something that helps your business grow should certainly be maintained, instead of getting rid of it. It’s actually true that such data helps businesses serve their clients even better, by improving customer satisfaction based on an in-depth analysis of customer feedback.

3. At first glance, loads of data may appear as an extra burden to bear for the business, but it can actually help improve business efficiencies. As organizations gather more and more data concerning a great variety of business aspects, they can more clearly identify problem points and fix them. Although this would mean greater amounts of stored data, it would also further enhance the progress of business.

4. Businesses are not only gathering data concerning their enterprises, but they are also picking up more and more information on their competitors and the general market dynamics. Through the large array of information gathered, such organizations are able to detect and adapt to changes in the market, as well as apply strategies to remain competitive.

5. Regulatory mandates may require certain forms of data to be maintained for longer periods. This would be necessary in such instances as litigation cases, whereby emails, digital voicemail messages, documents and other related files should be delivered. This adds to the data that is retained as part of the normal regulatory requirements for business operations.

It’s important to have a good strategy to handle the different forms of data accumulated in business operations. When maintaining long-term data archives, for instance, you should have very good storage media that can maintain the integrity of your data for long periods, while having minimal maintenance costs. It’s also necessary to have a clear policy that all concerned personnel clearly understand concerning management of data. This will ensure that no important data is lost, while avoiding large collections of unnecessary information.

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Two Vital Questions About The LTO 7 Cartridge

Before you go out to purchase the new Linear Tape-Open 7 cartridge, you need to first consider why you need it and how it will help you. It’s certainly nice to have some new gadget or technological advancement, but what really matters most is whether it will serve a particular purpose or not.

These two questions will help you evaluate the usefulness of the LTO cartridge

What Makes The New LTO 7 Cartridge So Vital For Modern Businesses?

For any new technology to be fully adopted by the general public, it must fulfill a particularly urgent need. Hence, in order for most businesses to embrace the new LTO Ultrium 7 cartridge, it must provide a solution for something vitally important in this modern time. Without a doubt, it does offer an exemplary solution for modern businesses.

In this modern digital era, a ton of new data is being produced on a daily basis, which requires the even greater capacity to handle such data and store it. We are currently experiencing tremendous growth in the amount of information that organizations have to deal with. According to the ESG 2015 Data Storage Market Trends report, approximately a quarter of the organizations surveyed had yearly data growth rates of as much as 50 percent. Considering the trend in increased data growth over the years, such growth is likely to be even higher in coming years.

Certainly, data storage media that offer even greater capacity while being affordable, safe and reliable are necessary for this current time. This is where the new Linear Tape-Open 7 comes in. This storage media offers even greater capacity compared to the previous versions, ranging from 1 to 6. With a capacity of 15TB compressed data per cartridge, it’s certainly large enough to meet the data storage demand in the modern business environment, while saving up on floor space.

Greater storage capacity isn’t the only benefit of the new cartridge; otherwise, it wouldn’t be too reliable for organizations that are concerned about security and long-term use of their data, as well as the usability of the storage media. Through advanced engineering, these cartridges also feature higher throughput and enhanced security. Also, enhanced data management features in such storage media enable greater utility in the management of different forms of data.

Which Types Of Data Can Be Stored In The New Generation LTO Ultrium Tape?

If you’re skeptical concerning the ability of the LTO Ultrium 7 to store your particular type of data, you don’t need to worry. Through advanced expertise, such storage media has been perfectly designed to handle all sorts of data types. This makes it quite versatile in a variety of business functions, especially storage.

Enterprise resource planning systems and emails are two of the main traditional sources of data which can be easily handled by the LTO storage media. Moreover, this media can handle many newer data forms, including images, applications, audio and video files.

With greater storage capacities, it’s possible to store even more data for longer periods of time without losing any of your valuable information. Moreover, through specialized data management systems, it’s even easier to access such data when needed.